Our Initiatives

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 We, at PD Charitable Trust, strive to make a positive impact in society through charity and volunteer work. We believe in contributing to the community and ensuring affordable health care and education is available to all. We selflessly work to provide services that will enrich the lives of people regardless of their social or economic backgrounds. 

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Our Initiatives


To educate is to empower. Quality education is a powerful tool that can transform lives for the better. Through PD Shikshan Ni Parab , we provide quality teachings of all subjects for students of standard 9th and 10th.

Value Education

Instilling moral values at an early age can turn young minds into just and powerful leaders. Through Varta Satra’s we aim to build strong characters. In this sessions, we talk about  culture, philosophy, moral science & spirituality.

Medical Stores

We aim to ease this financial burden of the needy by providing genuine and quality medicines at charitable rates. We have a network of 7 medical stores across the western suburbs of Mumbai where we provide branded medicines at a flat 20% discount to all & discounts for upto 70% in cases where patients come from economically weak backgrounds.

Healthcare Services

Our goal is to alleviate the distress and suffering by providing quality healthcare at low rates in order to make it more affordable for all. Our services include Diagnostics Consultation, Dialysis & Other Treatments.

“This is God’s work. He is in the center of our work. He lends the helping hand, love & joy through us. We feel lucky to be able to do this work.”